3 Ways to Market Your Association Knowledge Center

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how to market your associationIs your association’s content from annual meetings, training events and educational publications centralized in one online location making your association findable by Google? Does your online hub also have advanced search capabilities, and offer snippets of content to entice new membership?

If your answer is no, see how you can make your association content more usable.

If your answer is yes…congrats! Your content is already a marketing machine for your association!

As you know, Online Knowledge Centers allow for the perfect balance of access management; where you can reward your members with full access to years of valuable content like conference proceedings, publications and training materials. And with this same online library, you can preview snippets of content to non-members to encourage them to join for full access and member benefits.

Your online knowledge center is a marketing machine for your association on its own. But the difference between page two Google search results and page one Google search results lies in how you market your online knowledge center.

 3 Places to Promote Your Association Knowledge Center

  1. Association’s eNewsletter – Think of how many members receive your eNewsletter. Whether you send an eNewsletter monthly, quarterly or yearly it’s the perfect opportunity to point your members in the direction of all your association’s valuable content.
  2. Email Marketing – Using email to communicate with your membership and prospective members is the most cost-effective method you have. You can have your knowledge center set up to allow full access only to members, but preview content to non-members; email is the perfect way to showcase those snippets of content in your knowledge center. And don’t forget to communicate this benefit often. Don’t just assume one email is all you need. Continuously sprinkle in reminders about your valuable resource.
  3. Your Association or Conference Blog – Whether you know it or not, your knowledge center offers you a HUGE pool of content to write articles about. Each and every publication or session handout host content that can be repurposed and reused. And at the bottom of each and every one of those blog articles, include a call to action leading directly to your knowledge center. The more people you have accessing pages in your knowledge center from your blog, the more likely Google will increase your search rankings making YOUR association more findable and attractive to non-members.

These are just three ways to market your knowledge center, and as you know technology has opened the door to thousands of ways to market your content. But with a centralized hub for your content and with a marketing strategy in place, you should be climbing to the top of those Google search results.

How are you marketing your knowledge center to members and non-members?

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