Training Industry – Top 3 Challenges in 2012

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Association Training ProgramsIf you’re involved with the training programs, continuing education or credentialing at your organization, you understand the unique difficulties faced in providing valuable and effective training for association members.

I sat down with Dan Loomis, Publications Product Manager at Omnipress, and we discussed the top three challenges associations will face with their training programs as we enter 2012.

3 Major Challenges for the Training Industry

1. Managing Costs

It’s no surprise to you. The economy is not in our favor right now. What is in your favor is that while training programs are first to be cut in the corporate world, associations understand the value and importance of training programs to their members. In fact, in our recent survey, “The Value of On-Site Training,” respondents told us on-site training was critical to their association in order to:

  • Build relevance
  • Increase member value and satisfaction
  • Increase brand awareness

In response to 2012 budget cuts, more associations are allocating their training budgets to offer more online training… Is this a means to manage costs?

2. Managing Frequent Updates and Changes to Training Materials

With the number one challenge being managing costs, it leads to a domino effect where educational content is not updated as much as it should be. The domino effect doesn’t stop there–if your content isn’t up-to-date, members may not see your association as relevant, and I’m sure you can see where this is quickly heading.

If you haven’t already, make 2012 the year you really consider print-on-demand in order to manage costs and produce frequently updated training materials. These short runs will allow you to print as little or as much as you need at one time, making it easier to accommodate dynamic content.

3. Providing Content in Multiple Formats

Today, training materials don’t just consist of a classroom and a printed course book. Training materials (along with other association content) needs to be online, as well.  Not only does putting course materials online help manage costs (Challenge #1!!!), it also makes accessing materials easier for members before and after the on-site training.

What about your association? What is your strategy to overcome the top on-site training challenges?


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