On-Site Training Still Holds Value

Published by Sara Olbrantz | Topics: Associations, Training

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Manual PrintingIt’s no secret – associations today are challenged with managing cost.

As a result, associations are moving more of their conferences and annual meetings online creating
hybrid events
in order to maintain costs for themselves and for attendees.

What we’re seeing now is this same trend of moving from on-site to online is happening with continuing education and training events.

In our recent study, “The Impact of Educational Material for On-Site Training,” we surveyed over 280 associations and found a handful of associations (11%) are allocating more of their training budget in 2012 to online training (at the expense of on-site).

At the same time, nearly 98% of respondents told us on-site training is valuable or extremely valuable to attendees.

Dan Loomis, Product Director at Omnipress, writes in his survey analysis, “Technology allows for many new opportunities for content delivery and attendee experiences. However, is it at the sacrifice of effective learning and giving attendee’s opportunities for networking and relationship building? Are you making decisions for the right reason?”

Learn More About On-Site Training

The Impact of Educational Materials for On-Site Training” survey analysis covers:

  • The value of on-site training for associations and attendees
  • The most effective format for on-site training materials (print, digital, or online)
  • How associations are allocating their training budget in 2012 as compared to 2011
  • Challenges in producing and distributing content for on-site training

Here’s what associations told us:  Survey Analysis


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