Continuing Education – Online or On-Site?

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In this age of technology and online access how do face-to-face meetings hold their value?

A printed workbook and on-site meeting remain an integral and effective learning tool and networking opportunity for members. Associations are feeling pressure to move training events and materials online. Is online replacing the on-site meeting or enhancing the learning experience?

Larger Associations are Going Online, But Will Members?

In our recent survey on on-site training we found that while results were fairly consistent across association membership size, event size and market the biggest shift to online training came from associations with 10,000+ members who hold 200+ learning events each year. With the top challenges in producing on-site training materials being management of cost, quantities and content changes, it is not surprising why these larger associations with more training events and more content want to move their materials online. It’s a logical effort to address their top challenges.

Understanding your members and how they like to consume your educational content for training events is critical. Providing training materials online may be a great way for your association to cut costs, manage frequent changes to manuals and eliminate print run decisions. On the flip side, will all members benefit? What about networking? Will this affect the learning experience?

Delivering the Best to Your Members

Providing training materials online allows for another option for attendees to consume content. But more traditional or less tech-savvy members may still want their course books in print and a dedicated learning environment with real faces… not just LinkedIn profiles. In this case, providing training materials in both print and online versions and providing a face-to-face training, versus a virtual training event, may be the best way to deliver meaningful membership value.

Technology allows for many new opportunities for content delivery and attendee experiences. However, is it at the sacrifice of effective learning and giving attendee’s opportunities for networking and relationship building? Are you making decisions for the right reason?

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