Conference Content as a Marketing Machine

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marketing conference contentWant to learn how to turn your session handouts, conference proceedings and speaker presentations into a lean, mean marketing machine?

In his recent session at PCMA and in his webcast, Paul Wehking showed meeting professionals five (ok, technically four) ways to leverage existing content from their annuals meetings, conferences or training events to increase attendance and gain membership.

Paul Wehking defines “content marketing” as using existing snippets of existing content (also called “appetizers”) to drive action. Actions could be registering for an event, signing up for a course, becoming a member or buying a publication.

Here are the Five Ways to ‘Rev Up’ Your Marketing with Conference Content.

1. Social Sharing Makes Marketing Easy
Social sharing tools make it incredibly easy to market existing conference content on the Internet. Wehking shares, “There are over 300 different sharing tools to use by you to allow your users to share content with other people… making it easy to make content searchable, findable and shareable.” Some of the most common sharing tools include Facebook, LinkedIn, RSS and Twitter each hosting millions and millions of members who use these online mediums to share stories, news and websites with each other every day.

Are you allowing Facebook and Twitter users to easily share your conference content?

2. Generating Excitement with Online Event Communities
Since it’s 2012, I’m willing to bet most of you have some sort of conference website which houses venue and travel information, conference programs and so forth. But I’m also willing to bet some of you aren’t leveraging this online hub as a place where attendees can go and talk to each other and check out session handouts.  This engagement and interactivity alone will bring value to and market your annual meeting (and future meetings) to potential registrants before, during and after the actual event. The most important parts of your conference are the attendees and content… your online event community should reflect that.

Is your conference website an interactive place for attendees to drive momentum (and attendance) to your event?

3. Knowledge Centers are Google-Friendly
If you’re thinking about a long-term online conference content strategy, maybe an online event community for a single annual meeting isn’t the way to go. This is where a robust online archive of conference content from multiple events may be a better strategy. Each page of a
Knowledge Center
(online archive) is individually indexed by Google, so finding your conference content is no longer like finding a needle in the haystack. Instead, it works with Google to market your conference with little time and effort on your part. Oh, and no worries… you can hide content behind price point models, and offer snippets of that content to entice users to register for your meeting for full access.

Does your conference content land on page one Google search results?

Want to know the next two ways to turn conference content into a marketing machine?

Watch Paul Wehking’s recorded on-demand webcast:

Conference Content as a Marketing Machine

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