Abstract Collection and Management Benchmarking Survey

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Omnipress is currently conducting a benchmarking survey to learn more about the needs and challenges associated with collecting and managing abstracts, speaker files, reviews and how they schedule for their events.

We’re asking that only individuals with a good understanding of their organization’s collection process take the survey.

In return, we will give you:

  • Access to survey results and a brief summary of our findings
  • Tips and ideas gathered in the “Idea Swap” section from other industry professionals
  • A chance to win an Amazon Kindle Fire. All entries will be placed on a target, and Resident Ninja, Sean Lawler, will hurl a throwing star to select the winner. (Yes, I’m serious. And yes, I’ll make sure to catch it on video to share back to you.)

The survey takes about 5-15 minutes to complete and must be completed by February 10th.

Collection and Management Benchmarking Survey


Free Download: Abstract Collection Systems


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