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Association and Meeting TrendsWhat were the hot topics of 2011 for association and meeting professionals?

I’ve pulled together the top five most viewed articles in our Big Ideas Blog in 2011. Before moving into 2012, take a first, second or maybe even a third look back at these big ideas.

5 Most Popular Articles of 2011

5.   The Lighter Weight, Greener Approach to Conference Binders
Conference Binders have their time and place, but for many associations there are better solutions so conference attendees don’t have to carry big, bulky binders around your annual meeting.

4.   QR Codes: The Perfect Bridge Between Print and Digital
QR Codes were everywhere in 2011… magazines, postcards and even bathroom stalls. During this time where associations and meeting professionals are putting more and more educational content online, QR Codes provide an opportunity to ease members and attendees from print to digital.

3.   Improved Conference Final Program Increases Shelf Life and Ad Revenue
The American College of Veterinary Surgeons (ACVS) was able to make two small changes to their conference final programs that had a lasting impression on attendees while increasing their ad revenue by 12%. See how these two small changes had a big impact.

2.   Top Meeting Trends of 2011 (Industry Wrap Up)
Before making your New Years Resolution for 2012, check back and make sure you met your goals for 2011. Take a look back at the top four trends meeting professionals stated were the focus of 2011, and make sure your association kept up to speed throughout the year.

1.   Educational Meeting Content: What Hundreds of Associations are Doing
Wondering how other associations are creating, producing and delivering session handouts, conference proceedings and other valuable educational content for their annuals meetings and conferences? Check out the top eight hot topics of 2011 that will continue to gain momentum as we head into 2012.

What would you like to read about in 2012?


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