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Online Content Subscription AccessMany associations are hesitant to put their printed conference proceedings books and perfect bound course publications online in fear non-members or non-attendees will get a hold of education.

Do you want to use your association’s educational content from meetings, trainings and publications as a members-only benefit? Or maybe you’re looking to keep the gate open on some content but sell or restrict access to others?

Your system for hosting educational content online should allow you to create subscription offers based on user types, subscription length, member/non-member, pricing and content blocks.

Segment Content Subscription Length Price
Member- Attendee All Content One year access Free
Member- Non-Attendee All Content One year access $200
Member- Non-Attendee Content Block A Six month access Free
Non-Member All Content One year access $400
Non-Member Content Block A Six month access Free
Non-Member Content Block B Six month access $75
Non-Member Content Block C Six month access $145

As part of mapping out your subscription access strategy, you will also want to identify specific content blocks to offer for sale. This is only relevant if you structure offers around specific tracks of content. For example, if you’re an alternative energy association, you may consider offering subscriptions to specific topics such as wind energy, fossil fuels or solar energy. This is especially helpful if you’re selling content to non-members.

Increase eCommerce with Teaser Content

For any segment of content that you are going to control access to, you will want to provide appetizer content that gives the potential buyer the opportunity to preview a portion of what they might purchase. This is very similar to Apple iTunes or mp3 download strategies. With recorded content, this might be a 5-minute snippet of the session, or you might provide the first page of a written document.

Previewing content also gets your potential buyer to spend more time at your digital publishing platform. If they know they can peek at a few things, they are more apt to look around.

How are you offering up access to your association’s educational content online?

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