Customizing Conference Flash Drives for Attendees in 2012

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We already know conference attendees (and meeting professionals) love flash drives. Flash drives continue to be one of the most popular ways to deliver session handouts, technical papers and extended abstracts.

Want to try something a little different with your conference flash drives in 2012?

3 Ways to Customize Conference Flash Drives

  1. Partitioned Flash Drives
    Give conference flash drives personal purpose for your attendees. Place educational content from speaker sessions on a secure part of the flash drive, and leave plenty of extra storage space for your attendees to use however they want. That way, when attendees are looking for those birthday photos they stored on there, they’ll also be reminded of your annual conferences’ valuable educational materials.
  2. Card Style Drives
    Who enjoys losing their credit card? From experience, I can say it’s one of the more stressful events to occur in life. That’s exactly why people take extra care to keep track of them. So why not put your important speaker presentations and educational content on a card style flash drive? Instead of Visa or American Express’ logo, you can include sponsorship information. Attendees won’t leave home without it.
  3. Note-Taking Capabilities
    Make sure your flash drives allow attendees to take notes on session materials. While we may be able to read our own chicken scratch in the margins of our conference learning journals, we often struggle when trying to decipher others. The point (or at least one of the points) of attending conferences and meetings is being able to take all the useful information we learned back to our home base and share it with our colleagues.  A few missed keystrokes is probably easier to read than some of your co-workers hand writing.

*Please Note: Partitioned Drives cannot come with the note-taking capabilities.

This is just three ways to customize your conference flash drives, here are four more ways.

How are you going to improve the way you deliver your conference materials in 2012?


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