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Recording Speaker PresentationsCapturing conference content is critical to draw wider audiences to your events, extend the conversation post-event engage decision-makers and show you were listening (@mitchellbeer).

Christopher Uschan recently participated in an
Engage365 Water Cooler Chat
discussing the best ways to capture and deliver content from meetings and events.

The Content Revolution has been going on for quite some time, yet with so many options, there’s still confusion when it comes to the “right way” to capture and liberate content.

Capturing Conference Content

Capture the Entire Presentation
When capturing conference content, choose a method that is going to allow you to capture the slides and the audio. Audio synced with PowerPoint slides or actual video footage are the best ways to capture the entirety of a presentation. Solely putting the slides online gives attendees half of the presentation (and not even the most important half) (@JeniseFryatt, @asegar).

Tip: Slidecast allows users to upload PowerPoints, upload mp3 and mash them together (@chrisuschan). Also, consider posting snippets of conference content such as session summaries in blogs, capturing live tweeting from the event with Storify and so forth.  This helps to serve those who want to whole package and those who just want a glimpse.

Liberate Conference Content

Market Conference Content
One of the biggest mistakes you can make is putting valuable speaker presentations, session handouts and/or proceedings online and not doing anything else with them (@chrisuschan). There needs to be some strategy in place for marketing conference content before, during and after the event.

: Provide a central hub for conference attendees, organizers and presenters to engage before, during and after the event like an Online Event Community. It’s a one-stop shop to put a conference schedule and session handouts before the event, engage attendees and non-attendees with live tweeting during the event, and view on-demand recordings of missed presentations afterward.

Knowing how to capture and deliver your conference content really comes down to knowing your attendees and how they want to receive their information.

How are you capturing and liberating your conference content?


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