4 Ways to Increase Non-Dues Revenue with Digital Publishing Platforms

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How to Increase Non-Dues RevenueWe’ve rarely met an association that frowned upon non-dues revenue.

Are you using your conference proceedings, publications and speaker presentations to increase non-dues revenue? Do you use these valuable assets as a means to get non-members to join your association?

Your association’s educational content is an asset. And if you are not making this content available to the public and your members, you’re missing an opportunity to grow your association.

One of the best ways to do this is by creating Digital publishing platforms (a centralized place to host and sell your meeting materials and publications).

Associations who hold annual meetings know that only a small segment of their membership actually attends their events. This means there is a larger segment of members who might be interested in your content, but could not afford to attend or didn’t have the time. This doesn’t mean they are not interested in your association’s educational resources.

Your Digital Publishing Platform or eLibrary can transform into a steady revenue stream with eCommerce solutions that require users to pay for access to conference proceedings, publications and other valuable association content.

Here are 4 ways your association can utilize digital publishing platforms to increase non-dues revenue:

  1. Sell Subscriptions
    You can generate revenue from having people purchase subscription access to your content knowledge center. You can set up your site to offer monthly or annual access to content. Entice visitors by offering a few assets on your website so they get a feel for what the premium content will be.
  2. Sell Digital Downloads
    Just like iTunes, maybe your visitors don’t want to buy access to your entire website of knowledge. Sell individual papers, recorded sessions or other content assets. And like iTunes, you can offer “teaser” previews of your content allowing visitors to view one, two, or three pages of materials before they must purchase this content.
  3. Sell Printed Books, DVDs or CDs
    If you have valuable content that already exists in print or digital media, don’t miss the opportunity to offer this for sale on your website. Identify best-selling books or CDs and put these on your website. Although it seems everyone wants to access content online, there are still a fair number of people who want the physical product.
  4. Sell Bundled Content
    Using the digital download method, you can bundle content (different chapters, multiple sessions or even multiple publications) based on topic or other criteria that might appeal to your visitors.

How is your association using educational content from conferences and training seminars to increase non-dues revenue?

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December 9th, 2011Bob Hamm says:

Chris, this is a great list and I realize it is a list for “non-dues” revenue. Sites like this can also offer membership as a primary offer and with membership come the privilege of access to the content. Being discovered can also result in a new event attendee. They have learned of your organization, realize your content is what they were looking for and now want the “live” experience.

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