When Print on Demand Is Right for Your Association

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As someone involved with managing the educational training programs at your organization, are you feeling the pressure from leadership to reduce overhead costs?

Do you feel like content in your training manuals and course materials are constantly out-of-date because of the need to use up inventory before starting a new print run?

Do you worry about if you ordered enough training manuals for your next

You’re not alone. Associations often alleviate these challenges by taking advantage of the “print more, pay less” and end up with large inventories of training manuals and workshop materials which ends up in the garbage at the end of the year.

Don’t worry. There may be a better solution: Print on Demand.

3 Situations Where Print on Demand Is the Right Choice

  1. When you need to manage costs. Print on demand allows associations to pay less money up front for shorter print runs. Yes, cost per training manual may be slightly higher, but I bet you won’t be throwing away nearly as much inventory. Print on demand allows associations to have just enough training manuals or have micro-inventories for each event. Your accounting department will love you!
  2. When you’re struggling with quantities to produce. There is no way to predict the exact number of training manuals needed for a quarter or a half a year’s worth of seminars. Associations can make a rough estimate  to how many books they should produce, but they run the risk of either not having enough training manuals or ending up with way too many.  But print on demand allows for the flexibility in ordering making it easy to order more when needed while mitigating the risk in bulk ordering … All at the same time! It takes a lot of the guessing game out of the picture when predicting the future is becoming more and more difficult.
  3. When you need to manage content changes for each event. Longer print runs combined with changing content means one thing…Waste. And you certainly don’t want to send outdated materials to a training event. Print on demand minimizes inventory so associations can print just enough to keep their content current and up-to-date.

What are some other situations where print on demand has been the right solution for your association?

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