Publishing Association eBooks in ePub and Mobipocket Formats

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ebooksHas your association considered how to present conference programs, course books and manuals across Kindles, iPads and smartphones in eBook format?

While 15% of Americans already own an eReader device, another 15% plan to buy one in the next five to six months.

That’s five to six months to decide how you want your association’s valuable educational materials to 30% of Americans.

Unfortunately, course books and manuals are not as easy as the newest Dan Brown novel to convert into eBook format for an iPad. Course books come chock full of figures, bulleted list, tables and equations making converting files into this mobile format more challenging than just plain text.

Sharing Association Publications in PDF

When you’re looking to convert your association’s library of educational publications to eBooks, you may be asking “Why don’t we just use PDF files?”

Adobe PDF is still a common way to share files if retaining the page integrity of original document is important. However, the eBook formats have evolved past PDFs as the best format for publishing books online for use on tablets and other mobile devices.

Differences Between Sharing eBook Publications in ePub/Mobi and PDF

The following chart shows how sharing content in ePub or Mobi formats differs from sharing via Standard PDF:

ePub / Mobi Format
PDF Format
Reflow of text to fit device
File size
Small Files
Large Files
Ability to change font size
Digital Rights Management
Supports graphics and tables
Direct representation of print

If your association’s content needs to be viewed exactly as appears in print such as a PowerPoint presentation, PDF may still be the best option.

If the content you are sharing allows for the flexibility of reflowing text and adapting graphics or tables for optimized viewing across eReaders, eBooks can allow for a more personalized reading experience for your members.

What’s your association’s eBook strategy?


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May 26th, 2014Ariyo Usman says:

I have a mobifile ebooks and i use mobi creator to secure it but it convert the text to rubbish and does not show the images except the cover photo.Pls i need someone to help me out.

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