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Association Educational Publications in eBook FormatRecently, I posted an article listing the 5 Reasons Associations Must Consider eBooks for Members (much to the dismay of Barnes & Noble, Starbucks, FedEx and USPS).

Your members love eBooks, but does your association love eBooks?

Not only does providing your advanced and final programs or educational publications in
eBook format make members happy, but it can also benefit your association.

4 Ways eBooks Benefit Associations

  1. Providing publications in eBook format allows associations to evolve with members. As technology continues to evolve, it’s not easy for associations to keep up with their tech-savvy members. But if associations want to remain relevant to members, it’s important to keep moving forward with them. (Warning: Don’t forget about the members that still aren’t sure what a PDF is- you can easily still provide them with printed publications- See #4.)
  2. eBooks can expand associations’ brands. There are a variety of different ways to distribute and market association eBooks. One of which includes distributing across well-known (and ginormous) markets like Amazon and iTunes. This opens up the opportunity for associations to expose themselves and their educational materials to millions of people.
  3. eBooks are another source of (easy) revenue. If a vendor is already creating an association’s printed publications (and they are evolving with their customers), they should be able to create an eBook version using the same PDF file. (Yes, that means no extra work on your behalf.)
  4. Associations can leverage educational content in a new way. Associations usually have a large amount of valuable educational materials. Converting this library of knowledge into eBook format provides yet another way to repurpose and remain relevant.

Associations do not need to convert their entire library of educational content over to eBook format at once (but they can). Consider starting with a batch of publications first, or request an eBook version to be created with your next printed publication. Get feedback from members, and go from there.

In what other ways can providing educational publications in eBook and print format benefit your association?


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