Association Alert: 1 in 6 American Adults Own an eReader

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educational publications in eBook format

Did you hear? One in six Americans now owns an eReader.

Harris Interactive, a market research firm, recently conducted an online survey which polled 2,183 American adults on their reading habits.

Here are three key findings from the survey:

  1. 15% of American adults own an eReader. (This is a 7% increase from last year!)
  2. 15% of American adults plan to buy an eReader within the next six months.
  3. eReader users are more likely to purchase books. One third of Americans said they haven’t purchased a book in the last year whereas only 6% of eReader users said the same.

eBooks have entered the publishing industry with a bang. What this means for your association- You need to think about the way your members access and consume your prized educational resources.

Question: Does your association provide educational publications to satisfy both your reading members AND your eReading members?

5 Reasons Why Associations Must Consider eBooks for Members:

  1. eBooks are portable.
    Your members can download and access educational content any time of day without having to worry about hours of operation. (Sorry Barnes & Noble.) Members can also access association content without worries of Wi-Fi connection. (Sorry Starbucks.)
  2. eBooks are space-savers.
    What do you think weighs less- a digital eBook library of 18 association publications in eBook format on an iPad2, or 18 printed publications?
  3. eBooks allow instant access.
    Your association’s content is downloadable in minutes from any location without having to wait for delivery. (Sorry FedEx and USPS.)
  4. eBooks make annotation easy.
    Members can annotate and reference educational publications without highlighters, post-it notes, bookmarks or dictionaries. (Sorry, no doodling. But you can do everything else!)
  5. eBooks offer an alternative way to access content.
    Not all members and non-members want their educational publications in a printed format. Offering an eBook along with your printed publication ensures ALL (or at least most) your members are happy.

How is your association adapting to the different changing reading preferences of your members? Are eBooks solutions a part of your content strategy?

BTW- Make sure and check out this nifty infographic LiveScience created from the survey results.

Image Credit: LiveScience


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Sara has worked for Omnipress in the past as our Marketing Communications Coordinator. She has contributed a great amount to make our blog what it is today and has been published in association publications numerous times.

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October 28th, 2011Diana Long says:

I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t make their content available on eReaders. Amazon’s Kindle app is available on all major operating systems (Apple iOS, Android, and Amazon’s own Kindle Fire), and generally people that have iPads, and other devices that like to read are smart enough to have the Kindle app already installed.

It’s so easy to publish as well. In my opinion it should almost be SOP for anyone that has content that they want people to read.

Twitter: 1776broadway


November 3rd, 2011Jason Kivela (Omnipress Site Manager) says:

I agree, eBooks are one of the best ways to distribute content online. But I can see a few cases where that is not the best solution. A lot of the preceedings and handouts used at association conferences are the power point slides used during the speaker’s presentation, and a lot of images like that do not work well in an eBook. Content that is ment to be read in a linear fashion, or reference material, works really well in an eBook.

And while children’s books are becoming big in the eBook world, the cost to design conference preceedings that way is not worth it, in my opinion.

I can also see short schedules being a deterent to making an eBook. Turn around times can be a big problem.

Twitter: jasonkivela

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