Infographic – Harnessing the Power of Educational Content

Published by Sara Olbrantz | Topics: Online Publishing, Training

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Looking for new ways to use your old speaker presentations, training materials or publications?

Out of the 550 responses in our “Capitalizing on Content” survey, associations were in agreement that educational content is key to brand awareness and industry relevancy, yet less than half are actually doing this.

What about creating a usable online archive of all your old conference or training materials and publications making this valuable content more discoverable? How about taking it a step farther and making this content marketable?

Check out our infographic to see what associations had to say about their educational content, and how digital publishing platform can capture and deliver this content.

You can click to zoom, or here is a print-friendly version for you.


Curious about the rest of our survey findings? Download our free executive summary.


Free Download: Capitalizing on Content


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Sara has worked for Omnipress in the past as our Marketing Communications Coordinator. She has contributed a great amount to make our blog what it is today and has been published in association publications numerous times.

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September 9th, 2011Beth Z says:

LOVE THIS! What a wonderful way to present your findings. Bravo!

Twitter: AskBethZ

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