Green Conference Materials (4 of 4) – Seminar Manuals and Workshop Books

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It’s hard to predict exactly how many seminar manuals or workshop books to order for conferences and training events. Just because there are 25 attendees doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll need 25 printed manuals. Over-estimating can leave you with potential waste, and you surely don’t want to have drop-in attendees without manuals…

These green solutions even open up revenue opportunities!

Green Solutions for Conference Materials

  1. The Conference Proceedings Book
  2. The Conference Binder
  3. Session Handouts
  4.  Seminar Manuals/Workshop Books

Year after year it’s a guessing game. How many books do you need for the pre-conference workshops? You always end up shipping some back to the office, have too many in inventory or not enough to fulfill bookstore orders. These solutions can help you go green and generate revenue.

The Specifications: Order 200 copies before show, use 100 for session, sell 10 in bookstore, ship 90 home to sit on shelf, sell only five copies during the next year.

Your Greener Solutions
Green Printing Only

  • Recycled paper and soy-based inks or low VOC toner.
  • Environment friendly binding options and covers.
  • Print only what you need for workshops (plus a couple extra) order copies needed for bookstore sales, and ship post-event.
The Blended Approach

  • Set up print-on-demand so you don’t have to estimate how many copies you need. You can order as little as one copy at a time.
  • Order 100 copies before the event.
  • Sell 10 in bookstore to be shipped directly to customers.
  • Let others order from home or office on-demand.

Note: If you have multiple ways of collecting order data, it may be more cost-efficient and organized to consider a more integrated system.

All Electronic

Green Printing Only

  • 55% less virgin paper used.
  • VOCs minimized with soy-based inks.
  • Eco-friendly binding means less plastic production.
  • Bottom-line results: Lower copy count and reduced waste.
The Blended Approach

  • Almost 95% less virgin paper used.
  • Low VOC toner used in on-demand process.
  • Save on shipping, storage and waste.
  • Budget savings with lower copy count and eco-friendly online delivery.
  • Possible revenue opportunity.
All Electronic

  • 100% less virgin paper used.
  • VOCs related to printing eliminated.
  • Cost-saving media delivery.
  • Possible revenue generation through ecommerce subscriptions or file downloads.


Note: You may need to consider additional electrical charges from the host venue.

Well this may sum up out green solution series for now, but do you have any other conference or training materials, or even publications you’d like us to green? Just ask…


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