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Let’s face it – as a speaker you know many conference attendees are not going to be able to recall what they learned from your session by memory. This is exactly why session handouts are crucial for all conferences and meetings. They serve as a physical reminder of all the important knowledge you shared in your session.

Unfortunately, printing 40 copies of session handouts for 80 breakout sessions results in a lot of paper used for one conference. Let’s take a look at some greener solutions for session handouts.

Green Solutions for Conference Materials

  1. The Conference Proceedings Book
  2. The Conference Binder
  3. Session Handouts
  4. Seminar Manuals/Workshop Books

Challenge: Forty copies of each session stapled and distributed to each room. How can you bring this age-old tradition into an environmental era?

Specifications: 40 copies of session handouts for 80 breakout sessions, Average 12 pages per handout with title page, Presentation slides 3-up with additional handouts, Virgin paper and traditional ink.

Your Greener Solutions
Green Printing Only

  • Presentation slides printed 6-up
  • Title page eliminated by placing event name, room and time in header or footer
  • Survey of registrants indicates potential attendance (“Which sessions are you planning to attend? ”), with final copy count tailored to trends
  • Digital print on recycled paper with low VOC toner
The Blended Approach

  • Green session handouts with process noted in the Green printing solution mentioned in the left column
  • Then, provide online access to the handouts before, during and after an event in an online event community.

Note: Post these in a responsible 3-up or 6-up format to minimize paper use on the users end.

All Electronic

  • All session handouts available online before, during and after event in an online event community.
  • Attendees have ample notice to print their own handouts (Remind attendees to think green when printing)
  • Create an online archive library as a valuable ongoing resource for members.

Note: This option transfers the cost and waste to the attendee.


Green Printing Only

  • 55% less virgin paper used
  • VOCs minimized digital printing
  • Bottom-line results: lower page count, lower print numbers, and reduced overall printing cost
The Blended Approach

  • Almost 55% less virgin paper used
  • VOCs minimized with digital printing
  • Budget savings with lower page count and eco-friendly online delivery
All Electronic

  • 100% less virgin paper used from your side of the process
  • VOCs related to printing eliminated
  • Cost-saving media delivery


Be aware of your attendees who view handouts essential – try a blended approach!

It’s About The Attendees

It’s all about your attendees, right? Session handouts may be the one conference material attendees want to see in print. What kind of blended approaches have you used that have seen success at your annual meetings and events?


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