Three Reasons to Attend EventCamp Twin Cities 2011

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Looking for innovative ways to improve your meetings, conferences or events? Whether you want to learn more about how to use social media for your annual meeting, or if you just want to see what hot, new technologies other associations are using for their conferences, EventCamp Twin Cities 2011 (ECTC 2011) is the place to be August 25th and 26th.
While there way more reasons to attend ECTC 2011, here are three big ones…

Three Reasons EventCamp Twin Cities 2011 Should Be On Your Calendars:

  1. There no excuse not to attend. If you can’t make it to the Twin Cities for the actual event, there are still ways to actively participate. Attend a Remote Pod. Volunteers have organized five domestic satellite event locations and three international pods (Amsterdam, Vancouver and Toronto) where small groups will get together to participate in the event. Find the pod nearest to you and register. Join the Community. Register for a free virtual attendee pass which gives you access to the Virtual Event Platform and Event Livestream via Event Camp’s Online Event Community.
  2. They’ve scheduled breaks for you. The water bubbler, hallways and smoke breaks are just a few places where attendees share ideas and learn from each other at events. Understanding the best way to learn is to learn from other like-minded professionals, instead of cramming session after session with no break, ECTC 2011 scheduled “campfire” breaks where attendees can interact, share ideas and relax between sessions.
  3. You can play games. No, there is not a Chess tournament or regression to childhood session with Chutes and Ladders, but there are a series of challenges where attendees can earn points by interacting with other attendees and showing off their knowledge of the conferences’ content. Virtual attendees cane play as well! Also, game designers Kurt Nelson, Ellen Dudley and Elizabeth Henderson will talk about this new trend of using integrated social gaming at events.

Check out the full program here, and make sure and say hi to Tony Veroeven if you bump into him!


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