Lacking Internal Resources Preventing Association Growth?

Published by Sara Olbrantz | Topics: Conferences, Content Strategy, Online Publishing, Training

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I thought that might grab your attention.

FYI, your challenges with lack of internal resources and staffing are that of the majority of associations today…

Are you like the 80% of respondents who told us putting their conference hand outs and speaker presentations online is top priority in their association today? Or what about the 55% who agreed putting their journals and other training materials online is on the to-do list?

We recently surveyed over 550 associations in order to discover the role educational content plays in associations, and if those associations understand what role it COULD play.

Here are Three Key Findings Associations Shared:

  1. “Educational content is critical to our mission.” Over 90% of respondents told us educational content is imperative to strengthening their brand and maintaining relevancy within the industry.
  2. “We know it’s important, but we aren’t leveraging our educational content yet.” 87% of associations who responded feel their educational content is important in attracting new members, yet only 45% of them feel they are adequately making this happen.
  3. “There are barriers to getting our educational content online.” When asked about the top challenges to getting conference handouts, speaker presentations, journals and the like online, majority indicated lack of internal resources and staffing as being the biggest barrier.

Download our free summary to read more on how some associations are embracing technology to leverage content and gain membership, while others are not yet seeing the benefits their old conference and training materials hold.

Free Download: Capitalizing on Content


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