How to Re-Engage Your Event Attendees

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ROI (Return on Investment), has been one of our industry’s hottest topics as the current economic state has put more scrutiny on meetings and events.  Meeting professionals face increased expectations from senior management and must demonstrate the value of meetings and events far beyond just cost savings.  Today, it is more critical than ever to re-evaluate event learning models and determine new ways to re-engage your attendees.

Understanding adult learners and your specific audience for each meeting will allow you to maximize the impact of learning outcomes, which are transferred into company culture. Engage your attendees in the overall meeting content design and incorporate “hands-on” learning experiences. Provide small-group activities that allow attendees to share and reflect on their learning experience. Most importantly, understanding the importance of coaching and follow-up support adult learners need to turn their learning experience into a sustained daily practice will be the key to your success.

Assess Your Meeting Environment

Analyzing your learning environment is also a critical component to take under consideration. Avoiding setups that do not allow attendees to engage and draw upon one another’s experience and expertise is essential.

Three Seating Considerations for Your Meeting:

  1. Theater seating does not allow interaction with one another. Consider non-traditional room setups that allow attendees to have a direct view of the presentation or an opportunity to have face-to-face interaction with one another.
  2. Consider curved row seating for sessions with a formal presentation, which will allow attendees to connect and interact with the presenter.
  3. Use crescent rounds for group discussions that include a learning coach/facilitator that will involve attendees in the interactive learning process. Get creative with your setups and find what works best for you groups, it is one of the least expensive things to change in a meeting, but offers the most potential gain.

Using Social Media to Engage Attendees

Social media can play a pivotal role in your meeting’s success by providing rich pre, during and post meeting engagement and interaction with your attendees. Company’s like Meetings Metrics provide meeting professionals with the vehicle to measure everything from skills and abilities, to knowledge, understanding, and behavior. Engaging your attendees prior to the meeting empowers them to contribute to the meeting content and this collaboration will allow you to identify their needs and set pre-meeting benchmarks.

There is a new brand of accountability and understanding the importance of “human capital” is one of the first steps to gaining access to the C-Suite.  Meeting professionals that embrace strategic meeting management (SMM) with a focus on both ROI and ROE, will significantly impact your organization, meeting quality, and most importantly your career!


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Robyn M. Mietkiewicz, CMP, is a Director, Accounts & Global Meeting Management Services, at Meeting Sites Resource (MSR), a global specialist in meeting site research and hotel/contract negotiations. MSR also offers on-line registration, professional on-site staffing, meeting industry education, SMM consulting and advanced meeting technology solutions. Robyn currently serves on the Board of Directors for the MPI Orange County Chapter as the Immediate Past President. She can be reached at 949-250-7483 x 300 or via email at

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