Green Conference Materials (1 of 4) – The Conference Proceedings Book

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Wondering how to get some of those bulky, printed proceedings books, conference binders, session handouts or seminar manuals to your members in a greener way?

Every week for the next four weeks, I will attack one of these challenges and provide you with a green solution!

Green Solutions for Conference Materials:

  1. The Proceedings Book
  2. The Conference Binder
  3. Session Handouts
  4. Seminar Manuals/Workshop Books

Green Challenge #1 – The Proceedings Book

The Challenge: How can I deliver a huge perfect bound book that holds abstracts, presentations, and technical papers in an eco-friendly way to my attendees and members?

The Specifications: 1,000 copies, 400 pages each, 3-up presentation slides, Virgin paper and traditional ink, Glossy cover, Film laminated.

Your Greener Solutions
Green Printing Only

  • 1000 copies, 220 pages each
  • Presentation slides 6-up
  • Recycled paper, soy-based inks
  • Low VOC varnish or aqueous coating on cover
The Blended Approach

  • Printed Final Program/Abstract book with papers on CD or flash drive
  • 120-page book of abstracts with full proceedings on a CD in a back
    pocket on book
  • Use recycled paper, soy-based inks or digital printing
  • Offer other digital media such as flash drives
All Electronic
Attendee access to content online 24/7 before, during and after conference

  • Online Event Communities – Offer conference materials online
    through a conference community portal while providing a social environment
    for attendees to network.
  • Knowledge Centers – Create a branded online archive of all
    conference materials that you can add to each year. Use different access
    models to differentiate attendees and non-members.
Green Printing Only

  • 55% less virgin paper used
  • VOCs minimized with soy-based inks
  • 20 lbs of plastic film saved
  • Budget Savings: Lower page count = lower cost!
The Blended Approach

  • Almost 75% less virgin paper used
  • VOCs related to printing minimized or eliminated with digital printing
  • Budget savings with lower page count and cost-efficient CD delivery
All Electronic

  • No paper used
  • No VOCs related to printing
  • No copies of physical media created
  • No shipping
  • Cost savings without printing and copying

Have another green solution for the proceedings book that has worked for you? Tell me about it.

Need a refresher on your green vocabulary? Check out our Green Glossary.


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