Five Must-Have Features of Inventory Management Systems for Educational Publications

Published by Sara Olbrantz | Topics: Online Publishing, Publications, Training

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Wondering about the status of your educational publications? If only it were as easy as checking your best friend’s Facebook status to see how they’re doing, right? Oh, wait… It is!

Whether you’re concerned about how many publications you have in stock, if your course books are on back order, or you just want to know what the heck is going on, you should not have to travel far and wide to find out. If you’re more than a mouse-click away, it’s too far.

Five Must-Have Features of Inventory Management Systems:

  1. Monitor Inventory Levels: If you’re lying awake at 3 am worrying that your course or publication inventory is too low to fulfill an order, you shouldn’t need to lose any more sleep before you can find out. Inventory management systems allow access to publication inventory levels any time, any day.
  2. View Product History: Wondering how many course books you ordered last year? No need to call your vendor. You should be able to check it yourself easily and free of phone transferring hassles.
  3. See Replenishing Points: Using your inventory management system, you should be able to double check your replenishment points for all products.
  4. Back Order Status: You should be able to see if any of the products you ordered are on back order.
  5. Ordering and Shipping from Inventory System: Did you forget to order enough of your instruction manuals? Or are you wondering when your order was shipped? No worries. Inventory management systems should allow you to adjust your order and view shipping information.

Take a look at your inventory management system. Do you know the status of your educational publications as well as your best friend’s Facebook status?


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September 7th, 2011Jackie says:

I think a cool #6 to have would be some kind of projection graph that includes data such as trends for different times of the year. Nice read.


March 6th, 2013Rabeca says:

nice informative article. and i like jackies suggestion as well.
as you know that we are living a fast live. and you never know when you need to access or update your inventory. so another point could be that your system should have online access.
Rabeca recently posted..What to include in inventory database


October 8th, 2015Dean says:

Nice article. The listed features are very important when it comes to Inventory Management Systems. Interesting perspective on checking a friends Facebook status. Appreciate the post!


February 14th, 2017Zandra M. Wargo says:


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But with the help of your post users can easily know that what benefits they will get.

Zandra M. Wargo

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