12 Steps to Maximizing Your Meeting Message Through Twitter

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Meetings, conferences, seminars, talks and training sessions are intended to communicate vital information to benefit the listener and yet many speakers and companies still forget to use one of today’s most popular tools in spreading their message beyond the meeting itself. After rising to recent stardom from seemingly out of nowhere, Twitter is still one of the most popular low-tech methods to create an interactive online environment where participants can easily jump into the conversation from around the world, and companies can respond with spontaneity and humanness never before seen.

But, you may have tried Twitter. You may be saying, “I don’t get it. I don’t have time. Twitter widget? Is that a real word?” Hold on. There are cheap and easy ways to incorporate Twitter successfully when you need it.

Here are 12 Steps to Help Maximize Digital Reach with Twitter:

  1. Pick Your Hashtag. A hashtag is a word you pick that relates to your content and allows Twitter to group your conversation. Any word can be a searchable hashtag as long as a “#” symbol is attached as a prefix.  (i.e. #meeting, #quote, #NASA)
  2. Make sure your hashtag is short and unique. Do a quick search and make sure your desired hashtag is not in use. Keep it short since this marker cuts into the content of your message.
  3. Publish your hashtag and Twitter ID in your materials and publicity emails. People need to know what to follow or what to tweet to participate.
  4. Create your own live Twitter party. Encourage participants in and outside the meeting to ask questions. Have a moderator pick appropriate questions to ask the speaker when time allows.
  5. Control the message. If you are going to manage your message effectively, you really need your own representative who is live tweeting the meeting (possibly the same person as your moderator), logged in via smartphone or laptop: tweeting quotes, highlights and responding to questions.
  6. Show the conversation.  If you have room and equipment, some conferences will have their Twitter party projected live on a screen in some part of the room.
  7. Invite others to follow the party: Many Twitter Party aficionados create a link to multiple hashtags in the conversation using popular aggregators like Tweetdeck, now owned by Twitter. Other people encourage you to follow along in Hootsuite or Twitgrid where you can autofill the hashtag and participate in often fast moving conversations. These applications also have areas where you can quickly shorten a URL you want to share and then track the results of link click-thru.
  8. Create a twitter list. Twitter offers user-friendly lists that you create for participants or speakers that everyone can follow if they wish.
  9. Create a widget of this list. If you are reading this far down, you probably already know that a widget is a simply an editable website building block that allows you to insert code for any number of applications. Twitter will actually create Twitter widget code for you.
  10. Take instant pictures with your smartphone and tweet them to enhance the experience.
  11. Add participant Twitter IDs to get their attention and you might just get a retweet!
  12. Use Tweet Reach to see who tweeted your hashtag. You see 50 tweets for free with this application but $20 is worth it to see the report showing up to 1500 tweets over the last two days of your event. Search is offered on any one phrase. More advanced packages are offered for regular searches.

With minimal effort, Twitter can truly extend the effectiveness of your message and meeting!

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