Is Your Association Innovative? – Four Questions You Should Be Asking

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In these difficult times, associations now more than ever are being taught about the importance of innovation. The problem being very few people are actually addressing exactly how to do this.

Four Questions to Ask to Spark Innovation in Your Association

  1. Is my mission clear?
    It is important to really understand and believe what you are trying to accomplish in your organization by inviting innovation and taking the steps to make it happen. Without a good foundation, results will be unclear.
  2. Who are the big ideas people in my organization?
    You know who they are… Those individuals who always come to you with new, crazy ideas for changes in your organization. Seek those people out, make sure they understand your mission, and ask them to share with you their ideas. Choose the idea with the most short-term impact and run with it.
  3. Am I fully supporting the ideas and changes?
    Make sure you are providing the right resources to allow change to happen. Make sure the entire organization knows you are behind it 100%.
  4. Am I celebrating?
    Whether the idea worked or not, you should be celebrating. Why? Because your organization is STILL being innovative!

Taking a look at your association, are you really working towards being innovative?

Check out more on how to spark innovation in your association: “Embracing Innovation, Celebrating Failure.”

And still more from WSAE on Innovation in their VantagePoint July 2011 Issue.


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