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Want to learn how to optimize social media marketing for your next event? How about checking out how you can leverage your education content after an event?

Reserve July 19th for KiKi and Dan, and they will tell you exactly how to do this:

How To Be A Social Media Marketing Badass For Your Events
Tuesday, July 19th at 1:00 pm ET

KiKi L’Italien, Senior Consultant, Technology Management with DelCor will let you in on the six secrets to becoming a social media badass. Use the discount code event100 to attend for free.

8 Ways a Content Knowledge Center Can Help Drive Your Association’s Growth
Tuesday, July 19th at 3:00 pm ET

Dan Loomis, Product Manager – Publications for Omnipress will share with you eight ways a knowledge center can help use pre-existing educational content to spark membership growth and association revenue.

Free Download: Knowledge Centers
8 Ways A Content Knowledge Center Can Drive Your Association’s Growth
Download this free white paper Check out these eight ways you can make your content more usable with a knowledge center.


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Sara has worked for Omnipress in the past as our Marketing Communications Coordinator. She has contributed a great amount to make our blog what it is today and has been published in association publications numerous times.

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