3 + 7 = 10 Ways to Save Money on Conference Materials

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You’re busy when it comes to coordinating your meeting and educational sessions… And you’re probably on a tight budget. So you’re always looking for quick ways to cut corners and costs during your annual meetings. Often times this means saying “adios” to your conference materials. This may be the quickest, easiest answer to your budget concerns, but what about your attendees? You need to make it worth their time and maximize their value, or guess what?
They’ll stop coming.

Before ditching your conference materials completely, take a breather and consider what changes you can make to your conference materials so that you can save money AND make your attendees feel special.

Three Ways to Save Money on Conference Materials

  1. Combine conference materials. Combining conference materials will not only save you money, but your attendees will appreciate the convenience of not having to haul around a final conference program, a binder, a note pad, and a CD-ROM.  See how the American College of Veterinary Surgeons increased their ads sales with this trick.
  2. Produce only what you need. Skipping conference handouts because you’re worried about the cost of printing too much is no longer an excuse. Print on demand allows you to print as many or as little conference programs, session handouts, or workshop books as you need without the worry of spending too much, or having too many unused conference materials go in the trash.
  3. Go digital. I’ve argued over and over again that attendees love the ability to physically hold their conference notebooks in hand, but it doesn’t mean all educational materials need to be printed. It just means knowing which ones work better in print and which ones work better in other formats – Which ones facilitate learning and which ones are better for online viewing (for post-event research). How about putting only the most important information such as the conference schedule into a learning journal, then putting speaker presentations on flash drives? Then, host everything online two weeks before your annual meeting giving your attendees ample time to print out any information they please… Goodbye heavy conference binder.

Here are seven more ways to save money on conference materials.

Can you think of any more ways to pinch pennies without leaving your attendees empty handed?


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