Your Learning Journal is Your New Brochure

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In the past, I’ve written articles about how you should be providing attendees with a printed conference learning journal because they are the perfect on-site tool for attendees to take notes on and they rarely end up in your trash.

Let’s take this one step further.

When I attended ASAE’s Great Ideas event, I received what I thought was a Conference Learning Journal, but what I actually received was a Learning Journal with a pocket-sized Conference Program inserted into the front pocket.


So Long Brochures. Hello Learning Journals

Here’s my big idea. Why not create a “Learning Journal” that is not specific to any one event, but rather brand the learning journal to your organization?

When you plaster your Learning Journal with event specific ads and information, it becomes dated and branded to that single event. When you brand the journal/notebook to your association, your information is event independent.

Now you have a Learning Journal that is really your Association brochure… and guess what, people won’t throw it away because it serves two purposes.

It also allows you to:

  • Lower costs – You can producing longer runs of the journals and use them for more things as opposed to producing different Conference Learning Journals for each event.
  • Stop producing brochures – Knowing that people just throw away flyers minutes after they get them, the Learning Journal is your brochure that doubles as a notebook with your brochure-like information.

Those two reasons alone just saved you a lot of money, but here’s more:

  • Because it’s generic to all events, you can use this “Learning Journal” for anything (E.g., new members get one, hand out at random events, use for all educational meetings)
  • You aren’t left guessing how many Journals to produce because you can always use them at the next event.

But What About the Conference Program?


Create a 5” x 10” pocket sized saddle-stitched program guide in full color. This guide/program has all your conference information in it – Completely branded to your event. Then because your Learning Journal has an inside page pocket, you can stuff that guide and create a two-piece give away on site. Attendees love it because the guide is small enough to use while walking around the conference hall and after the event is over, they don’t have to save it because all their notes are in their Learning Journal.

The Basics of a Learning Journal

  1. Cover contains your brand, logo and the words “Learning Journal”
  2. All other covers (inside and back) can and should be used for advertisements from your sponsors (to help cover costs).
  3. The first page of your journal should be a heavier stock and contain a flap or pocket (to hold, um, you guessed it, the Onsite printed program)
  4. Then the next two to four pages should contain information about your organization such as: A history page, benefits for being a member, information about what you do, etc.)… this is the brochure section of your Journal. Provide web site address and QR codes that link different areas of your web site.
  5. Then include about 25 blank sheets (50 pages) for note taking. And be sure to offer your sponsor a watermark logo. More revenue for you.

When you create a separate half-sized conference program and learning journal, you not only save money, you create opportunity to give your attendees the perfect combo for notes and event logistics while giving you opportunity to use these journals for … everything and anything.

How are you bringing more value to your conference materials and making them more timeless?


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