Why Print on Demand Makes Sense for your Training Events

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For years, we’ve heard associations talk about the challenges of estimating the number of books to print for their annual conferences.

At what point can I take advantage of volume print pricing without over-producing and having too many extra proceedings books or binders?

The annual conference isn’t the only place these challenges exist for associations.
Every day we hear about these same print run challenges regarding publications or continuing education course books, and other printed materials that is sent to training events and workshops around the world.

Am I printing enough copies? Am I printing too many copies? What if I want to make changes to the printed handbooks before excessive inventory runs out? How can I better utilize sponsor ship advertisement that is specific to each event and location?

Do all of these print decisions ever make you feel a bit crazy?

Say Goodbye to Estimating Print Runs

Well I’m here to tell you, you’re not alone. The answer to many of your questions is
print on demand

Print on demand (n) printing smaller quantities of only the content that will be used for each event; nothing less, nothing more. (Aka “on demand printing”)

How can that be? Doesn’t that challenge the methodology that the printing industry itself has taught us over the past 100 years? Print longer runs and receive better pricing… That may have been true back in the day, but now the landscape and capabilities in the print industry have changed dramatically.

Technology has provided us with new short run printing equipment developed to run print quantities whether it be one copy or four hundred copies. Thanks mainly to the demands of the printing industry. If you have the ‘old school’ thought process of print more to get a lower cost per book, let me tell you just three ways smaller print quantities for your continuing education event can benefit you.

Three ways to Take Advantage of On Demand Printing for Training Events:

  1. Sponsor Ads: Increase non dues revenue by more effectively utilizing sponsor ads to target specific attendee groups or event locations. Since you’ll be printing smaller runs you can change sponsor ads more frequently.
  2. Promote New or Upcoming Events: Increase event attendance by promoting your next events. Take advantage of print on demand quantities so you can promote events to specific user groups (i.e. Managers, technicians, students, etc.).  Helpful tip: Use a QR code in your printed course books to promote your next event!
  3. Little or NO inventory: By printing smaller quantities, you don’t have to tie up your association’s cash flow on printed course books that are sitting on the shelf waiting for your next event. This will free up more money to spend on other membership programs throughout the year. Warning: Be prepared to witness seeing your accounting team walking around with a perpetual smile.

How has print on demand helped your association?

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February 2nd, 2014Samantha Mojica says:

“Am I printing enough copies?” This is absolutely the most common question when having an event. And obviously, print on demand is the answer. With it, you don’t have to worry about printing anymore. Thanks for this information.

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