Why Associations Should Be Printing Training Manuals

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While our culture is obsessed with reading the latest James Patterson novel on their brand new ebooks, and checking the latest news updates on their mobile phones, we still understand that some things are still just better in print.

Attendees love printed training manuals because they can take their own personal notes, use at as an easy reference guide and it’s great for those who are as tech-savvy.

But what about your association? Is it a benefit to associations to be printing manuals for training workshops and business seminars? Absolutely.

Two Benefits of Providing Printing Manuals:

  1. Less Competition: Everything’s online these days! So with more access and publicity comes more competition. If your training manual is online, you get the pleasure of competing with your attendees’ email, Facebook, all else that distracts us online from staying focused. With a printed manual, seminar attendees are less likely to fall into “out of sight, out of mind.” The physical book not only keeps them focused, but its constant presence on bookshelves, desks or in book bags keeps it relevant and easy to reference back to.
  2. Not as Easy to Share: If your association is concerned about people sharing intellectual property because it’s a revenue stream for you, having an online training manual may not be in your best interest. When putting any information online, there is always the risk of people easily sharing the information to others for free. If downloading is permitted, sharing content becomes as easy as attaching a file to your email. For associations who print manuals, attendees most likely are not going to take the time to photocopy each page and share it with their contacts. Not having it online prevents mass-tweeting, sharing, and so forth.

Bonus: Know who else loves printed training manuals? Sponsors

3. Custom Advertising: Having different printed manuals for all business and training events allows sponsors to create unique advertisements for each different event. Since no attendee will want to throw away a printed manual that includes their personal notes, advertisers will be lining up to place their ad!

Wear these shoes: Check out why attendees love printed manuals for training seminars!


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May 26th, 2011Vivian says:

You can “own” manuals and they are always quick references. There are still advantages on old-school printed manuals.
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