Three Reasons Attendees Love Printed Manuals for Seminars

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As we all know (or shall I say most of us), technology and the Internet are fantastic! They have opened up so many doors for putting educational content online and sharing knowledge with a worldwide audience. At the same time like everything else, it has it’s time and place.

In recent years, many associations have begun transitioning some of their printed manuals to an online format.  Although there is a growing desire to offer more content online,
attendees are still expressing interest in having their educational training materials in print.

When considering the attendees, the sponsors and your association, printed manuals may be the best option to maximize the attendee seminar experience and learning.

Here are Three Reasons Printed Manuals Maximize Attendee Learning:

  1. Easiest for Note-taking: Having a printed manual with a spiral coil binding allows for seminar attendees to lay their manuals flat making it easier to take notes. Printed manuals also make it easier for attendees to be more creative in their note-taking as not all of us learn best with words… Pen in hand allows attendees  to draw diagrams, charts or pictures without having to take the time to figure out how to do it on a laptop computer or iPad.
  2. A Great Reference Tool: Once the training seminar has ended, attendees will feel as though they’ve gotten their money’s worth since they’ve get to take home a professionally printed manual. The training manual now becomes a permanent reference tool that they can store on their bookshelf and easily refer back to at any time. And they can count on their printed manual to always be accessible at any time without worries of internet servers being “down” or organizations taking it off their websites.
  3. Perfect for the “NonTechies”: Not everyone can afford or even cares about owning an eReader or wants to haul their laptop around to a training seminar. And not everyone knows how to use and configure their iPad for taking notes. A light-weight, printed manual is a great way to cater to the non-techies and removes the extra medium needed to access content.

For many attendees, print is like their favorite comfort food. While I’m a sucker for sushi, sometimes all I need is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The same goes for your attendees and their training manuals… Sometimes all they need is their simple, comforting printed manual.

See why associations and sponsors benefit from printing manuals too!


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May 20th, 2011Karoline says:

I prefer printed manuals during seminars because I could take notes on them (they say taking notes make you retain information more).
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