Omnipress Announces New Digital Publishing Platforms

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Omnipress is pleased to announce that they have expanded their services to organizations who are looking to do more with their technical papers and conference materials with an online knowledge center. Digital Publishing Platforms provide organizations the opportunity to bring the value back into their educational content.

Here is the official press release…

Omnipress Opens Up New Opportunities with Knowledge Center Solutions for Associations

New online tool repurposes content, making it more usable, findable, and marketable.


Madison, WI –  Omnipress, producers and distributors of educational content for meetings, conferences, training events and publications, announced today the expansion of services to include Online Knowledge Center solutions.

Omnipress’ Online Knowledge Center solution provides associations with a centralized, user-friendly location to house and distribute all of their valuable educational content. This solution provides associations a way to leverage content such as technical papers, conference presentations, recorded webinars, specification guidebooks, seminar manuals, standards and other educational publications to drive revenue, enhance member satisfaction and grow membership by making content more findable and usable.

Steve Manicor, Omnipress Vice President of Business Development explains, “Educational content generated by most associations is an incredibly valuable organizational asset, yet many associations are struggling to put this asset to work. Omnipress now offers a tool that can unleash the value of this content and help associations drive revenue and membership growth.”

This online tool serves as an archive for valuable educational content as well as a vehicle to make the content marketable and usable. Knowledge centers give associations increased control over content by providing subscription management, e-commerce, advanced search capabilities and robust analytics in a single, integrated software as a service solution.

Knowledge centers also allow associations to expose content to search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo making it more searchable and findable. Since each page of content in the Knowledge Center has its own unique URL, search engines index more content making it more discoverable and find-able. In turn, this leads to opportunities for organizations to drive users and potential members into their website via the knowledge center.

Manicor goes on to say, “This solution is designed specifically for associations and organization that have educational content that they would like to make more usable, findable, deliverable and sharable. Associations by the nature of their mission usually have an abundance of highly valuable and vetted content. The Knowledge Center provides associations the opportunity to take this content and make it a true organizational asset.”

Free White Paper: Digital Publishing Platforms


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