Top Ten Questions to Ask to Make Sure Your Collection System Can Handle Your Review Process

Published by Sean Lawler | Topics: Conferences, Online Collection Systems

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If you’re going to have a call for abstracts or call for proposals, it’s likely that you will be reviewing submittals for acceptance. One mistake we see organizations make is that their system doesn’t adequately address the needs of their system for reviews. This causes the coordinators to either have to send and track a gazillion emails to get the reviewers the information they need, or maybe to wrestle with an unwieldy Excel spreadsheet to keep track of the reviews. Some try to use a separate system and get caught up in having to make sure the data can talk to each other (see the post on Single Systems here).

Here are the top questions to ask when you put together a call for abstracts system that includes your review process.

  1. Will this only be one person, a small internal committee, or ten to hundreds of peer reviewers?
  2. Will the system handle the number of reviewers you need and give them the appropriate access?
  3. Will you be assigning reviewers on a submission-by-submission basis, based on a particular topic or presentation type, or randomly?
  4. Do you review after your call for abstracts deadline, or are you reviewing as submissions are coming in?
  5. Does your system match your review process, or do you have to revise your process to match your system?
  6. How flexible is the review form?
  7. Can you ask multiple questions with multiple field types and collect multiple scores? And is it intuitive for the reviewers?
  8. For administrators, can you get the reports you need from the reviewing process?
  9. Can you hold an open call for reviewers?
  10. If you have different submission types, can the system bring them all together in one review area?
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