Two Challenges for Crowdsourcing in Large Online Communities

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Crowdsourcing takes tasks traditionally done by a single person or small groups of people, and expands them out to a global workforce. The large committee approach is powerful because it leans on the concept of the “wisdom of crowds”… The more input, the better the output. Any organization trying to engage in deeper research, gather collective wisdom and harness it for use in a publication or event knows that it can be a challenge to manage a large committee, let alone one that is online.

The Challenge of Large Committees

  • Engagement: With a large committee it’s very difficult to get people engaged and even more difficult to get enough people engaged.
  • Creating Content: With large committees, it’s also challenging to develop a method to identify key information, and credit those individuals or organizations who help create, teach and share that content.

Social media, specifically communities, offers us a new tool to facilitate crowdsourcing. It gives us a way to get the word out quickly, allow people to come together, and serves as a communication tool for ideas to be collected, discussed and implemented into our organizations.


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