Introducing Educate365: New Learning Program for Associations

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Omnipress is incredibly excited to announce Educate365, a new webinar series for Associations in our Engage365 knowledge community.

We’ve teamed up with Peach New Media to launch this ongoing series of online learning seminars that will allow community members to learn and discuss ideas and strategies to improve their own organizations.

Topics will be focused on social media and technology with angle towards association events.

It’s going to be awesome!

Here is the official press release…

Omnipress Partners with Peach New Media to Offer Educate365 at their Engage365 Community

Madison, WI – March 11, 2011 – Omnipress announces a new strategic partnership with Peach New Media, providers of knowledge communities for associations to bring a new, ongoing webinar series, “Educate365” to their popular Engage365 community.

Engage365 is an online knowledge community for associations and corporate meeting professionals to network with each other and learn to maximize their use of social media, technology and new ideas for events. With over 1000 active community members, Engage365 is facilitating ongoing discussions and growth for community members through social media, blogs, articles, white papers, and variety of other content.

Omnipress will leverage Peach New Media’s proprietary Learning Content Management System, Freestone™, into the Engage365 community to deliver a wealth of recorded and live educational content that will enhance the community experience for members. They will also work with the leadership at Peach New Media to bring online learning seminars in the “Educate365” program — live monthly events to the community and hosting on-demand content for year round access. In this series, community members will learn and discuss relevant concepts, strategies and real-world examples that they can put to work within their organization immediately.

To kick off the Educate365 program within Engage365, Jeff Cobb, Founder and CEO of Tagoras, will be leading a webinar on March 24, 2011 titled, “Association Learning + Technology: State of the Sector”. In April, Mitchell Beer, of The Conference Publishers, will be presenting on “Conference Survival Strategies” with an emphasis on developing a solid content plan. Many more live webinars and on-demand content will follow in the months to come.


Omnipress provide associations with new ways and practical solutions around educational content for their meetings, training and publications. Their focus is on making content accessible, useful, relevant, timely and cost effective. They specialize in online collection, on-demand print, CD and on flash drives, online knowledge centers, event communities and integrated order fulfillment solutions. More than 800 associations consider Omnipress their hand-holding, problem-solving, “big idea partner” for their educational content. For more information, visit:


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