Five Reasons Why Social Media Should NOT Replace your Event Website

Published by Sara Olbrantz | Topics: Conferences

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Think that because we have social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook that you can ditch your event website, and rely solely on social media tools to promote your conferences and events? Think again!

Inspired by Turning Minds blog about why businesses need a website, it’s important to know why your event also needs a website. While social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook may be great, user-friendly tools to increase the visibility and reach of your upcoming conference or event, using them to replace an actual
event website will bring up at least five missed opportunities:

  1. People Can’t Google You. The point of an event website is to attract and inform attendees, sponsors, and speakers. If your replace your event website with a Facebook page or LinkedIn group, it’s not going to show up when people “google” your event, and that’s what people do these days… We google.
  2. You Can’t be a Control Freak: It’s the Internet, and it’s silly to think you could ever have complete control over content posted online, but some places are safer and more controllable than others. Hosting an event website puts you in the driver’s seat where you are the one who decides what people can and cannot see. You may be able to change a few settings on social media sites, but ultimately you’re still riding in someone else’s vehicle.
  3. Your Personality Won’t Shine. Social media sites lack the ability for you to customize your event community. With a website, you are not only giving your event a name, but you’re giving it a face and making it more personable. Remember… It’s always easier to remember a name when there’s a face to go with it.
  4. You Can’t Highlight Your Best Assets. Social media sites make it difficult to repost content that people attending your event may want to revisit. With a website, you can easily create your own place on the web to highlight important event information like:
    -Hotel/venue information
    -Conference schedules
    -The expo hall
    -Break-out sessions
    -Key note speakers
    -Top presenters
    -Special events
  5. Updating Becomes a Chore: Want to make a change to a post on a social media site? Chances are you’ll need to delete it and repost it losing all comments, questions, “likes,” etc. in the process. Websites give you the access to go in and change the information without losing the feedback you’ve already received.

Ask yourself…

  • Do I want my event to be accessible?
  • Do I want to control what information people see?
  • Do I want my event to have personality?
  • Do I want to highlight what’s happening at my event?
  • Do I want to easily update changing information for my event?

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