Four Simple Ways to Package your Flash Drives

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Imagine you’re in the hustle and bustle of arriving at a conference, trying to figure out where you need to be when, you seek refuge in being handed your conference notebook, but then… They hand you this tiny flash drive which includes all your conference materials and handouts on it, and you’re immediately back on edge as you try to figure out, “Where the heck am I supposed to put this thing so that it doesn’t end up lost in the bottom of my conference tote bag?

Packaging is just as important as the flash drive itself. How it is received reflects its purpose, its importance, and represents the overall conference and association brand.

To have the greatest impact, you need to consider these four simple ways to package your flash drive that will reflect its value and keep your attendees from losing them:


For those of you who are chronically late to all your conference, chances are it all started with the keys. Your keys are THE KEY to get you where you need to be, and yet we still manage to lose them countless times a week.  How do you prevent this hassle? The lanyard… That simple piece of fabric we wrap around our wrist, hang out of our purse or pocket, or wear around out neck to keeps ourselves from losing all those small, but crucial items (i.e. keys and flash drives) in our lives.Attendees can also double their lanyard for a place to put their name badge.

  • Additionally, it’s a sponsorship opportunity. Sponsor information can easily be printed onto the lanyard for low cost.
  • Affordability:$

Mini Cases

Nothing will showcase the value of your flash drive like a mini case.  Like opening up a ring box, your flash drive is tightly secured inside so that it will not even fall out if the case is dropped with the cover open. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket, but big enough not to lose.

  • The mini case offers the most security and protection for your flash drive.
  • Affordability: $$


Want to give your attendees a present? Let them open up a resealable, plastic cello-pack to obtain their brand new, valuable flash drive!

  • Cello-packs also also allow for sponsor information to be printed on the paper insert.
  • Affordability: $$$


We know that attendees love to keep their conference materials all in one easy-to-manage spot! Just like ACVS included a hub for their CD in their final conference program, you can easily attach a sleeve to the inside of any of your conference materials to hold your flash drive.

  • Sleeves allow for multiple conference materials to be secured in one place.
  • Affordability: $$$

Now what do you think is the best way to package a flash drive for your attendees?


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March 23rd, 2011Addy says:

We are going to use the bracelet flash drives and hook them around the handles of the conference tote bag.

Twitter: addykujawa

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