Improved Conference Final Program Increases Shelf Life and Ad Revenue

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Are your advertisers fed up with seeing their expensive ads being tossed in the garbage after your events have ended? Are you frustrated with attendees treating their final conference programs as a disposable?

This was exactly the problem that the American College of Veterinary Surgeons (ACVS) wanted to overcome when putting together their final conference program and exhibit guide for their recent symposium.

Two Changes that Made a Big Impact

With these issues in mind, an attractive, quality program was specially created to add personal value for attendees by:

  1. Adding Note Pages – By including additional pages for attendees to take their own personal notes, the final conference program that was once being tossed in the trash was now something that attendees will want to keep and reference back to…  Who wants to throw away their personal notes?
  2. Combining multiple event materials into one – Including the notes pages in the final program was one way to allow attendees to eliminate a personal notepad they may have carried.  Additionally, instead of having separate CD packaging such as a plastic jewel case, paper sleeve, or clam shell hold the CD, a hub was included on the inside back cover to secure the CD within the final program.

Now, instead of having a final program that could be tossed after the event, attendees had an exhibit guide, their personal notes, and the educational materials on the CD all in one. This made it easier on attendees.

The Kicker: Long-Lasting Final Program Increases Ad Revenues!

Because attendees were taking their final programs with them, advertisers didn’t have to watch their expensive ads being thrown away like yesterday’s trash. This led to a 12% increase in AVCS’s ad sales! Yes… TWELVE PERCENT!!!

So now is a good time to ask yourself… How are you extending the shelf life of your event materials?


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