Online Abstract Systems: You’re Collecting Much More than Just Abstracts

Published by Sean Lawler | Topics: Online Collection Systems

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Some meeting organizers and program chairs end up spending a lot of time going back and forth with their conference presenters to get additional information they didn’t collect upfront. One quick tip for saving time and energy is to collect all your information related to a speaker, session and publication all at once.

An online system for collecting abstracts, managing the review process and eventually collecting final materials allows for you to collect what you need at various stages. Presenters can even verify previously collected information to ensure it’s updated and correct.

Since you are already asking your contributor to give you information regarding their submission, what other questions would you like answered?

Here’s a list of potential information you may want to collect:

  • Learning objectives
  • Keywords
  • Who is the target audience
  • Copyright releases
  • Financial/relationship disclosures
  • Audio/visual requirements
  • Biographies
  • A profile photo
  • Session introduction
  • Times available to present/speak
  • Past speaking experience
  • Speaking references
  • Additional speaking agreements
  • Registration confirmation number
  • Comments
  • Special requests

Does the system you’re using (or the one you’re considering) take these other elements into consideration, or will you have to figure out how to collect these items offline or via a different process?

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