Have You Read Our Top 5 Articles in 2010?

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Who would have thought that an article on creating better PowerPoint presentations would have topped the charts on the Omnipress blog in 2010?

But stop and think about it for a moment.

Engaging attendees is a popular topic amongst associations and meeting professionals. Organizations who put on educational meetings need to step it up a level (or two). Movements like EventCamp and virtual channels like #eventprofs are providing more cutting-edge ideas and are experimenting to help be the change.

Stodgy speakers, boring presentations and non-interactive sessions don’t shine positive light on your event.

Think of a bad presentation (or session) like an average entree with so-so service at a restaurant (where the restaurant is your event). Offer up blah food that does not wow your customers and people will talk about it. And next time they’re looking to go out for dinner, they’ll probably look at other restaurants.

My parting thoughts for 2010:

Providing attendees with a memorable educational experience via dynamic and interactive sessions are a must for 2011 events.

Cheers to Our Top 5

Thanks for reading in 2010.
We look forward to sharing more insights soon.

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