CEO as Content Creator and Facilitator – Measure 5

Topics: Content Strategy

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As 7 Measures for Success points out, transformative leadership does require servant leadership skills and the ability to build teams and families.

With a proper mix of nurturing parent and authority, a CEO can drive the creation of content, taking up some of the most passionate topics and positioning themselves as content leaders.

At the same time, a CEO can facilitate content and break down barriers to collection and distribution.

A CEO can also challenge a team to define their organization as a content leader, the home base for top-notch industry education that is organized and easy to find.

These types of association structures support widespread distribution of the mission’s message while perhaps generating sustainable revenue to carry on the mission.

Is your CEO the broker of ideas for your content development?

This is an article series based on the book that established the criteria to measure an association’s success,
7 Measures of Success: What Remarkable Associations Do That Others Do Not



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