Taking Abstract Collection & Presentation Management to the Next Level

Published by Sean Lawler | Topics: Online Collection Systems

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Omnipress has been in the business of collecting and managing speaker presentations, final papers and abstracts for close to a decade now. To say that we’ve learned a lot about online collection during that time is an understatement.  For five years we’ve been constantly refining our collection system based on best practices, industry trends, past mistakes, and mostly – customer feedback.  We like to say that we have a system that covers about 90% of our customers’ collection processes.

But it’s 2010 and 90% isn’t good enough anymore. So we asked ourselves, “How do we get closer to 100%?”

The answer: Build an entirely new system from scratch using current technology based on all the things we have learned over the years with an emphasis on flexibility and usability?  It’s somewhat of a run-on sentence, but it sounds good!

That said…

We have a shiny new online collection system ready for a new users!

Right now we’re looking for organizations who might have a immediate, short time frame for collecting final papers or presentations. Later this year, we’ll take on full “Call for Abstracts (papers, proposals) including online peer review, program scheduling, and final collection.

As with any new system, the benefit of greater flexibility and improved usability may come with some very minor imperfections, but we’re confident you’ll enjoy the ride.

.So what do you think…

  • Want to try the latest and greatest?
  • Would you be interested in becoming an beta test / early adopter?
Free Download: Abstract Collection Systems


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Sean is the Product Director of Digital Services here at Omnipress... handling their online abstract management/speaker file collection, digital publishing platforms, mobile event apps, and other digital media delivery. He understands technology very well, but can relate it to non-technical people better than most. ...read more

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