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What better way to share the experience of your event than to create a video like the folks from Affordable Meetings did.


Here are my 6 tips for creating an exciting conference video.

1. Use sound – This video has a nice sound clip that fades in and out as you move through this experience.

2. Use people – Get reactions from your attendees, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors. Start the video and ask them a question… What did you like…? How’s it going? Why are you here? People like to watch people. You’ll be amazed how many participants will just share their point of view.

3. Highlight different segments of your event – Give perspective of the grand sessions, the expo floor, mingling at registration, breakout sessions, etc. Be sure to highlight sections on why people attend – to learn, to network, to be inspired, to shop (expo). You’re video should tell a story.

4. Use a mix of video and photos – Not every part of this video is “video.” Take a lot of pictures and take sort through them. By mixing it up, it creates a balance that is easy to follow.

5. Use words – Open your event with the title of your event, then mix in powerful descriptive words throughout the video. Tie it to your event theme.

6. Keep it short – Remember that people have short attention spans. Keep your video close to 2 minutes. If you can’t inspire someone in 2 minutes, then anything longer is a waste.

I know you’re thinking… this kind of thing must cost a lot of money. Wrong!

You don’t need a high-end video production company to do this. Of course, you can’t just rely on anyone who just happens to own a video camera as well. Use need to have a plan of what you want to capture in both video and photos(see #3 above). You need to have questions ready to ask your participants. You need to have a personality type that can engage with your participants.

Use a video/photo hobbyist volunteer or hire a lite-professional who can do the capture, sorting through and clipping. But before you begin, take some test shots and videos and see if the lighting and sound is good. There’s nothing worse than putting in all this effort to realize your audio wasn’t working well. After you capture your content, storyboard it. The final piece of the puzzle… — For five dollars you can create a really cool video and Animoto gives you the sound and trainsitions that will make your video zing. All you need to do is upload your pictures and video. They allow you to type in words, move elements around. It’s quite easy.

The final word of advice…

Share it everywhere you can on random occasions!
On your blog, facebook page, your event web site, in emails, etc.


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October 7th, 2010Jeff Hurt says:

Yes, anyone can do these type videos. And for $30 annually, you can create unlmited videos that are two, three, four and even five minutes long.

Two more tips:
7) If using animoto, pick from their catalog of royalty free music for background music. Tons of options.

8) Ask several of your attendees to capture video segments to use. Look for those that have a Flip camera or even video on their smartphone.

Great, easy, slick way to create a post or pre-conference experience.
Jeff Hurt recently posted..Do You Want Satisfied Conference Attendees Or Loyal Attendees

Twitter: JeffHurt


October 7th, 2010Heidi Thorne says:

I’m glad you just suggested short teaser videos. I think one of the temptations is to drop a full blown review online. You don’t want to give the non-attendees even more reason not to attend in person next time. They won’t think “Wow, that was so great I have to be there.” It’s more like “Well, I’ll just watch the video afterwards.” Attendance does have its privileges.

Twitter: heidithorne


October 7th, 2010chris uschan says:

Jeff — I love the idea of asking several attendees to take pics and videos for you. It’s a matter of just reaching out to your network and asking. Great suggestion!

Heidi — Even if the video was long or the event organizers offered recording of the breakout sessions, there is nothing that can replace the value of learning and networking F2F on site. Too many organizers worry about cannibalizing their events by offering content and an experience online. They’re totally missing the marketing opportunity to attract new attendees by giving them a solid impression of the event — thanks for sharing!

Twitter: chrisuschan


October 8th, 2010Jenny Andrawis says:


Totatlly agree with you. The hardest part when making these vids is keeping them short. When you have loads of great pics, testimonials, and video coverage, limiting yourself to 2-3 min is tough because you are always tempted to want to use more of your material.

Animoto is simple to use, just upload your pictures, music and video clips and it puts them together into a really smooth and appealing video. You do need to have some creativity to put it all together into a fun and interesting video to watch. 🙂

Great post Chris!

Twitter: jennyandrawis


November 2nd, 2010Christopher Uschan says:

Another good promo video of an event (done in animoto).

Association Forum – Holiday Showcase 2010

Twitter: chrisuschan

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