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Are you wrapped up in Strategic Planning for 2011… creating a content strategy, education strategy, communication strategy… a community strategy?

Here is a quick read from two ladies who get it. It’s called “Open Community

A little book of BIG ideas for Associations navigating the social web. It’s filled with ideas. Use it as part of your strategy check list, then give it to your community manager to help build your community management handbook.

Where to find it?

It’s available on our
Engage365 Bookstore

Use coupon code “ENGAGE365” and save 10% off your order.

Buy one for all your board members!

Image Credit: Cartoons by Rob Cottingham, principle at Social Signal


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October 29th, 2010Dave Lutz says:

Awesome! Can’t wait to get mine! I’m a big fan of Lindy and Maddie!

Twitter: velchain

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