5 Reasons You Should Record Your Educational Sessions

Published by Steve Manicor | Topics: Conferences

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Are you recording your educational sessions? If not, here are five reasons you should be:

  1. Your Attendees – They pay thousands of dollars to attend your event and typically only attend 10% of all educational sessions offered. Add value for attendees by providing access to recorded sessions they may have missed or want to view again.
  2. Your Members – Create a library of lasting materials for your association members. By creating a knowledge center that contains rich content, you become a key resource for information. If you don’t, perhaps your members will find what they’re looking for somewhere else.
  3. Promotion – Provide teaser sessions to promote next year’s event. Give your members a feel for what they might spend their money on, if they attend. Think about it… only 10% to 15% of your members actually attend your meetings. The recordings might just be the nudge they need to click the “register” button on your conference web site.
  4. Revenue – Generate additional revenue by selling “premium” session recordings to non-members.  Yes, just because I am not your member doesn’t mean I don’t want your content. If you decide to do this, be sure to promote your content, not hide it.
  5. Revenue – (I know I just said that)… Give sponsors a new place to advertise online (or add value for existing sponsors). Marketing departments are interested in opportunities to be in front of potential customers.

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