4 Resources for Anyone Who Collects Abstracts or Final Presentations

Published by Steve Manicor | Topics: Online Collection Systems

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Working with presenters to get their materials submitted on time and in the format you want is challenging. Perhaps you are “doing it old school”… using email as your system for collecting information and files from speakers. Or maybe your current abstract/call for papers and online review instructions are so complex you need a PhD to decipher them.

If you’re in charge of  your call for papers/abstracts process,  online reviewing or collecting final presentations from speakers, you might find these articles helpful:

Communicating with your Authors and Contributing Presenters

Arguments for Collecting Content Online

Promoting your Call for (Abstracts | Papers)


Is there a challenge not being addressed here?

We help hundreds of associations and meeting professionals collect abstracts, papers and other content from their contributing authors and presenters. Share your thoughts below and we’ll be glad to provide you with insights.

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September 14th, 2010Jodi says:

Nice graphic Chris! You always pick the greatest images to depict your article! Not sure if I would be more impressed if you found this one or if you created it. Will you tell?


September 14th, 2010Christopher Uschan says:

Hi Jodi — I can’t share all my secrets, but let’s just say when you’re event in doubt of a graphic, throw 10 to 20 words into http://www.wordle.net/ and see what you get — note: you can change the appearance, colors, styles, groupings, etc. Just play and have fun!

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