Designing Awesome PowerPoints – Before and After Examples

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As you may know, I am not a fan of listening to speakers who take the easy way out by creating PowerPoint presentations with overcrowded slides containing bullets, clip art and charts so small I can’t read them…but who really is?

I love attending sessions where the presenter can tell stories around their slides using photos and words that have an impact. I want to leave the session feeling informed, enlightened and motivated. When I see a great presentation, I tell others about the session and event I attended.

If you want your meetings or training seminars to stand out and be remembered, the visual aid component of your session must have an impact. If you’re a meeting planner or education director, then you need to coach your conference presenters on this topic.

Before and After Examples of Designing PowerPoints for Story Telling in Face-to-Face Meetings

Garr Reynolds is known for his well-designed presentations. In this slide show, he shares the before (a typical boring design) and after (a good design) of various PPTs, as well as other examples of well-designed slides.

Note: PPT slides are just one component of a great session. As a speaker, you need to engage your audience, get them participating and make them feel like a part of the session by incorporating different teaching and learning techniques.
Have you experienced any great presentations? What are your tips for creating engaging PowerPoints?


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