Creating Content and Being Findable Leads to More Attendees and Members

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An event blog and must-read content on your web site are powerful tools for attracting members and attendees.

In a recent Hubspot webinar, “How to Use SEO and Social Search for Lead Generation“, I learned that 45% of companies who blog have gotten revenue from that blog. And, those companies who blog increase web site visitors by 55% over those who do not.

Your association or conference is the same as any other business. You are trying to attract more attendees, sponsors and exhibitors to your event, and members to your organization.

With Google being one of the most popular web sites in the world, being found on the Internet is extremely important.

If you’re considering creating a event blog or updating your existing web site, here are techniques (by time period) shared by Hubspot that can help your web site rank higher in Google.


  • Use a lot of keywords in your title and body of your pages – technique not used much anymore
  • Use meta data descriptions and keywords – technique not used much anymore

2000 – 2010

  • Use some keywords in your title and body of your pages
  • Create useful content (tips, ideas, etc.)
  • Promote content in social media outposts and via email
  • Use call to action on your pages

2010 – Future

  • Publish more and more content (blogs are great – publish 3-4 times per week)
  • Be active in social media, often
  • Build large volumes of followers in social media
  • Use call to action on your pages

In a nutshell, you need a content marketing strategy and you need to keep moving forward with the plan if you want to keep your organization front and center. And, no longer can you hide behind the fear of social media. Rather you should embrace it as your friend as it is playing an important role in your organization being found and staying relevant.

Three Great Resources on Blogging and Creating Content


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May 12th, 2010chris uschan says:

you might find this article on business blogging helpful too —

Twitter: chrisuschan


May 18th, 2010Coree Silvera says:

Hey Chris, thanks for that shining recommendation! Great advice and links to learn from!

It’s funny…we keep preaching to events and businesses how important it is to have a blog to pull in more traffic. And, while everyone is debating whether they really need one, people are just doing what they do…searching for interesting and/or valuable information.

Without offering valuable content on your website, such as relevant articles, industry news, or just a fun look at life behind the curtain, your website is mainly depending on your brand name and the equity in that name (or in that of your Keynotes).

If I own (or work for) a company that’s looking to improve and train employees in excellent customer service, for example, I am going to search the web to see what instruction is available. Most people don’t search past the first page, so if your event is not ranked well, chances are I will never see it. Instead, what I will find are ARTICLES on how to improve customer service, which I will take the time to visit because they offer me valuable information.

A smart Marketer uses those articles to attract information seekers to their site in a non-threatening way (no sales pitch), offers valuable tips, then leads into the live event opportunity with a call to action. But first, you have to get them on your site. The more content and the more frequently you publish will get your site ranked. Google loves activity…give Google what they want, and they will give you what you want: LEADS.

Wow, we talked about how long my blog articles are, but even my comments are super lengthy! 🙂


May 18th, 2010chris uschan says:

Hi Coree — After looking at your blog on your web site, you definitely understand the importance of blogging. You have many articles on blogging and marketing which hits on the top from many different angles…. because simply put, you don’t know exactly what people are searching for and having more than just one web site page with content increases your chances of being found.

I really enjoyed the event blog by Lindy Dreyer and Maddie Grant. They did an astounding job of writing for their readers, but using speakers, event news, hot topics as a way to feed their followers (and spoon feed google).

Thanks for the insights!

Twitter: chrisuschan

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