34 Content Ideas for Your Conference CDs or Flash Drives

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Conference CDs and flash drives are very popular giveaways at events because they’re tangible and attendees don’t need internet access to view the content. (Remember, the internet might be everywhere today, but hotels and convention centers have questionable internet connectivity and it usually comes with access fees).

Considering that, sharing your session handouts with an easily navigable presenter and/or session index is a great way to get the content into the hands of attendees. But what else could you be including on your digital media?

I sat down with our digital media experts at Omnipress and asked them (since they work with hundreds of associations producing more than 500 different CD and flash drive titles each year). They shared with me all kinds of things conference planners have asked us to include.

cd-flash-drives-content-ideasHere are our suggestions:

Speaker & Author Content *

  • Technical Papers and Presentations (in PDF format)
  • Abstracts (in HTML format)
  • Audio files (MP3 files) of sessions
  • Recorded Presentations – Synchronized audio with PPTs
  • Video of keynote (or other sessions)
  • Templates or forms (e.g. real estate or tax) in Word, Excel or PDF
  • A web link to late-breaking content (presentations not included on the media)
  • Keynote speaker content, information and biography
  • Presenter biographies
  • Schedule-at-a-glance

Event Information

  • Welcome letter from conference chair, president, host city governor or mayor
  • Conference member list or volunteer committee
  • CVB link to the host city’s web site

Community-Building Content

  • Links to social media sites:
    • Your conference Flickr page
    • The conference hashtag on Twitter
    • LinkedIn groups or Facebook pages
    • Your private event or member communities
  • The list of attendees

Marketing-Related Content

  • Association Information (about you or the event)
  • Demonstrations or sponsor videos
  • Sponsor logos on the main menu
  • Future conference dates
  • List of sponsors with links to web sites
  • Rotating banner ads from sponsors
  • Links to your organization’s web site:
    • Organization web site areas
    • Join your organization (membership information) – never miss the opportunity to sign up a new member!!!
    • Online book store
    • Save the date (future conferences)
    • Past conferences / archive

* Here are some different ways to organize the content on your CD or flash drive

  • Session or Program Index – good for on site, but less relevant after the event
  • Topic Index – great for post-event grouping of content
  • Title Index – okay, but people might not remember exact titles
  • Author Index – a great way to organize since people tend to remember a presenter’s last name
  • Search – a no-brainer, must have on CDs and flash drives

To see how these might look, view our CD and Flash Drive Portfolio.


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