Event Communities and Conference Challenges

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Remember what it was like a few years back when we had to communicate with someone in another office by sending a fax or even a letter? Or when we attended a conference, we were completely out of touch with work? In the days before cell phones, did you ever have a flat and no spare on a deserted stretch of highway?

event-community-wpTechnology Solve Problems

What I love about technology today is that it solves problems. We can stay connected. We can work more efficiently. We can discover connections we never knew we were missing. And as technology improves, we encounter innovative ways to address our industry’s biggest challenges.

We’ve just put comprised a white paper about the top challenges that meeting organizers face and how today’s technology – specifically, an online conference community – can solve them.

An online conference community is a cutting-edge combination of social networking, a resource library and a marketing tool. It links attendees, exhibitors, presenters and conference organizers with an online, interactive home base (or central hub) for the event.

Your Attendees Want More for Their Money

If an attendee doesn’t see enough value in your event, he won’t come. Period.

A robust online conference community will act as the ultimate conference resource, allowing attendees exclusive access to the full library of handouts, conversations with the presenters and a searchable database of fellow attendees. Plus it helps them organize their time with an itinerary builder and insight into the conference sessions. The engagement starts before the conference, keeps attendees connected during the conference and lasts long after the conference. So instead of rushing around trying to see everything during one 3-day event, an attendee receives months (maybe even years!) of value for the same registration fee!

Your Exhibitors Want More for Their Money

Vendors can’t go to every show, and they’re watching their expo budgets closer than ever. When you create an online conference community, your exhibitors will benefit from the extended exposure and can interact directly with attendees online. Plus you can offer them unique sponsorship opportunities and teach them how to drive booth traffic by engaging in the community. Again, the same fee exhibitors paid for the events before you started an online conference community now includes months of extra exposure and much more value.

Now that I’ve boiled down what I think are the biggest challenges, what’s your opinion?



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